The Wolf’s Den Sporting Supplies

Beginning over 25 years ago, The Wolfs Den Sporting Supplies has grown into one of the Premier Archery Pro-shops in Ontario.  This Family owned and operated business is located on 40 acres of beautiful forest, trails, and water which is just the beginning of the experience you will have with us.  Whether you are an avid hunter, target shooter, weekend warrior or all of the above, we are your destination for all that is outdoors and adventure.  

Although we specialize in archery, we also carry and service a wide array of firearms, hunting equipment, and many other disciplines to make sure we have you well equipped and with the knowledge necessary to tackle whatever adventure you choose to pursue.  Our knowledgeable pro-staff will guide you through the process of purchasing anything you need to get involved in the sport and with this comes many benefits that our customers appreciate and benefit from on a daily basis:

We have built our business primarily on word of mouth advertising through our satisfied customers.  We stock at any given time approximately 200 compounds, as well as many types of traditional bows and crossbow equipment.  We also carry a large selection of archery accessories for the novice shooter all the way to the advanced.  Don’t just buy a bow off the rack, come in and speak to the experts and get a chance to have a personal interaction and input in your purchase to gain the knowledge you need to be successful, we don’t want a customer for a day, we want a customer for a lifetime!  

Not only can we get you into the equipment needed to participate, we can give you the opportunity to develop your skills and become a better shooter on our fully equipped, over the top archery range and courses.  Our range is an Archery Only facility and offers a large 75 yard target range for sighting in, 2 unbelievable 20 target 3-D courses, 2 stocked Bass Catch & Release Fishing Ponds, covered pavillions, picnic tables, fire pits and so much more!  Our facility has evolved to one of the largest and most attractive of its kind in Ontario and for those who have never seen what we have to offer, are amazed when they get here.  Check out our “What we Offer” section for all the types of activities we offer our customers.  

We hope that you will take the time to bring out the whole family, experience nature, and make lasting memories that will be cherished for years.  We look forward to meeting you and Stay Safe in the Outdoors!