Have you always wanted to experience the Outdoors in a totally different way?  The Ontario Hunter Education Course is for you! 
Ontario Hunter Education Program
The Ontario Hunter Education Program is the ultimate way to experience the Outdoors, join in the Hunting Community, and create memories that will last a lifetime.  This program is delivered by instructors with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will prepare you for a lifetime of safe and successful hunting adventures.  Curriculum developed and perfected by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry with the Ontario Hunter Education Program, the Hunter Safety Program will provide students with the necessary knowledge to safely hunt multiple species in Ontario.  

At the Wolfs Den the Hunter Education Program is one of the main courses we offer and generally offered every weekend with some exceptions for holidays and long weekends.  If you have always wanted to go with Friends, Family, and join the community don’t wait any longer, this course is for you.  Usually taught in conjunction with the Non-Restricted PAL, this course can also be taken as a stand alone course as well.  This Provincial designated course allows successful students to purchase licenses and tags to hunt a wide variety of species in Ontario in accordance with Ontario laws.  

Course Information:
Course Requirements:
  1. 1 piece of valid I.D required (must be photo I.D)
  2. 12 years of age or older
Course Fees: $200.00 includes $10.00 cleaning and sanitation fee
Combination Course is offered for the Non-Restricted PAL and Hunter Education Course for a reduced fee of $300.00 total, requiring an $150.00 deposit to hold spot!

Challenges are only available to students with a valid Hunter Safety equivalent from another province and a recognized agency.  Proof of course completion from out of province is required.  Please call 705-424-4867 to arrange Challenges