Ever wondered why people Bow Hunt v.s Gun Hunt?

International Bowhunter Education Course
This course is certified by the International Bow Hunter Education Foundation. It is offered in the U.S.A, Canada and 13 European countries. This course is compulsory to bow hunt in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and in 14 US states. The course is designed to assist you to understand bowhunting and provide important information for new and existing bowhunters to be successful and safe in the field.

The course Manual covers the following:
1. Introduction to Bowhunting
Wildlife Conservation
3. Safe & Responsible Bowhunting
4. Knowing Your Bow and Equipment
5. Preparation Before the Hunt
. Elevated Stand and Other Bowhunting Techniques
7. Shot Placement and Recovery Techniques
8. Outdoor Preparedness
9. Field Experience and Blood Trailing

Course Format:
This course is taught by instructors with years of bowhunting knowledge, success, and information and is aimed at giving the students the knowledge and confidence needed to be a successful bowhunter in Ontario and Internationally.  This course is the ONLY Internationally recognized designation to ensure bowhunting proficiency, safety, and knowledge are attained by the students.  

This course builds on the bowhunting overview taught in the Ontario Hunter Education Program and dives in-depth to specific considerations and focused knowledge on the art of Bowhunting.  Although Equipment is not necessary for this course, it is highly recommended to bring any current bowhunting equipment you may own for individual guidance and participation.  

This is a 1-Day course focusing on the fundamentals of bowhunting, equipment, and covering the theory involved in the knowledge base for successful bowhunting.  Our instructors go above and beyond and provide all the practical essentials of bowhunting in a realistic way.  Students are able to participate and learn about the following:

This course is one of our most interactive and in-depth courses on bowhunting that we run and class sizes are usually small between 10-15 people for individual learning opportunity.  You do not want to miss when these courses are offered as they fill fast and are great for any level of hunter knowledge!  Inquire Today!

Course Requirements:
  1. Valid government issued identification
  2. Minimum 12 years of Age
Course Fees: $150.00 (Manual Included)